There are a number of reasons you might want to drive a minivan. If you routinely transport large groups of people, particularly children, need to haul a great deal of cargo, or simply need the freedom of space for your pets, a minivan can be a great choice. Check out this information about the top mini vans on the market to learn more about the best vans available and compare the ones that are ideal for your needs.
A minivan is the top-choice vehicle for busy families across the country. It allows you to combine the function of a traditional SUV with the safety and comfort of a sedan. A vehicle like this is perfect for soccer moms and busy dads alike. It’s not impossible to get the best of both worlds with your car, and a minivan provides an outlet for everything you need to get where you need to go, without dreading the trip there.
No minivan will suit all families, and makers have understood that by providing several options and combinations that will best suit your standards. Let’s take a look at some of the highest rated minivans available today, assessed in customer satisfaction by families just like you.
The 2016 Honda Odyssey
This vehicle has claimed the top of the lists for years in the market of the American family. Honda successfully reforms and updates their yearly models with the latest in safety and features, giving drivers and passengers the level-headed, electronically-advanced ride they crave.

  • The Odyssey features an advanced driver’s template with illuminated controls and Bluetooth pairing for answering phones and controlling media
  • USB and Wireless connections make it easy for kids to connect their favorite devices to the van for their entertainment, all controlled in an app-enabled dashboard monitor
  • Safety is omnipresent within the Odyssey as it utilizes head restraints, modified seatbelt, and multiple-threshold airbags

The 2015 Toyota Sienna
The Sienna has recently become more popular with Americans as Toyota refines its models with the sleek style in top demand, along with the technology and safety of a fully equipped SUV. It features all-wheel drive, which is highly unusual for minivans. The driver can rest assured that power and functionality are at their fingertips in the all new Sienna.

  • The Sienna features high-quality interior furnishings, complete with sleek seats and quality in-car entertainment. A touchscreen infotainment system connected to a JBL audio system with wireless capabilities and a microphone make for clear car communication among noisy families
  • Tri-zone climate control offers a range of temperatures that fit the needs of your passengers, as well as heated front seats for chilly days
  • Automatic collision breaks and rear/cross traffic sensors are highlights of its safety

The 2016 Kia Sedona
The Sedona has emphasized comfort in its design. Its quiet interior space and frame allow for a smooth ride near and far. Features include dual sunroofs and an Infinity Audio System that help make the most of your family’s travels. Kia focuses on the trip, rather than the destination.

  • The Sedona features a modern set of driver’s controls, including Bluetooth capabilities and satellite radio options
  • This minivan has standard cargo space with a chilled glove compartment and ventilated seating integrated within a tri-zone climate system
  • Rear/Cross traffic sensors, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitors give the driver peace of mind while navigating through tricky and high-traffic areas

The 2016 Chrysler Town & Country
This Chrysler make emphasizes power and control. Most users report tight steering coupled with a comfortable ride. This vehicle is often praised by drivers and critics alike who compare many of its entertainment features, to features that are only considered optional in other makes. This van is best suited for families with an experienced driver in control.

  • The Town & Country comes complete with a stylish interior made of top-notch material. The dashboard features a touchscreen interface, complete with standard Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Rear entertainment systems keep the kids busy and stowaway seats provide an above-average cargo space
  • Standard airbags and safety breaks are included but traffic monitoring and other features usually included in other makes are optional with his vehicle

The 2015 Dodge Caravan
The Caravan is a relatively large choice for a minivan that is perfect for larger families or those requiring a higher capacity. Its priorities are with space above all. In totality, it is versatile and can shift easily between holding passengers and cargo.

  • The Caravan’s interior consists of soft-touch materials with standard audio and driver interface
  • “Stow ‘n Go” seats provide efficient storage space for luggage and belongings, while wide seats offer a wider personal zone for each passenger
  • Bluetooth, USB, and monitor systems are optional and must be considered in different models

The 2015 Mazda Mazda5
The Mazda5 is praised for its excellent fuel economy at 21/28 mpg which is five to eight gallons higher than what the standard minivan earns. A responsive steering system and tight-turning make it a must have for drivers who desire a sharp, precision ride.

  • The interior of the model is said to be standard with contemporary designs and adequate materials. Many users say it is a firmer ride , but not uncomfortable
  • Several storage options are a key point in this vehicle, and its automatic climate control make it an affordable economy minivan
  • Its standard airbags and breaks create an adequate atmosphere that is above-average for an economy minivan

The 2015 Nissan Quest
Users of this Nissan don’t hesitate to point out that the Quest is quick and powerful above all. Many agree that it is a sleek and agile option perfect for families who need to travel fast and efficiently at a whim.

  • The interior of the Quest is has been deemed to be both of quality and functionality. Standard features include push-button start, audio with auxiliary outputs and a simple interface
  • This model has made it clear that comfort is equal across all three seating levels, which is uncommon for a minivan
  • Safety and monitoring are efficient and standard for an economy vehicle

As you can see, different makes and models are assessed in the decision of the minivan that is right for you. Some make it very clear that they focus on speed and agility, while others focus on comfort and additional features. A minivan is never a one size fits all vehicle, but the top options reviewed make it a narrow and direct approach that outline what is sought after in today’s market.